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Why I Love Los Angeles - Volume 1

Trevor Sewell Reflects

"The last twelve months have been a hectic but incredibly enjoyable ride for me. Ever since debuting my album 'Independence' on The IN Show with Gus Summers on the day of its release ( 21st November 2013); and, later the same day picking up the 'Best Blues Award' in the Hollywood Music In Media Awards at the Fonda Theatre, there has been a real sense of progression!"

The Trevor Sewell Band played a string of dates and festivals in the U.K in early 2014, and then went on to pick up 'Best Blues' in the 'Artists And Music' Awards in Los Angeles in February.

In April it was then back to Hollywood where they were once again elated to take the 'Best Blues Performance' in the Indie Music Channel Awards for the song 'The Train.'

While in Hollywood, Sewell also began recording for his next electric album at the iconic Capitol Records! As if this wasn't enough, Sewell also recorded a new unplugged album LIVE at Capitol entitled "Face To Face" which is set to be released on CD this week.

"'Face to Face' was actually a completely spontaneous album - there was no plan to record an unplugged album of any sort. It was just that the engineers in Capitol are so great that when I heard the sound that he [one of the engineers] had managed to get on my acoustic, I just said 'Hey, Joe, (sounds like a cue for a song) while I’m sitting here can I make a Live Acoustic Album?' He just smiled and said, 'Yep. Let's go for it.' There was no plan, no set list, no discussion. We just agreed that there would also be no overdubs; and, that this would just be a completely stripped back raw performance. I just wanted to see how the songs sounded with just a guitar and a voice."

The "Face To Face" Album was completed in less than 3 hours and features a mix of songs from Sewell's previous two albums and also some new songs not available anywhere else. No plans were made to release these songs; in fact, for the rest of the duration at Capital, time was spent recording material for the new electric album.

It was only when "Fact To Face" was played it to a few people in the UK who said it was an album that needed to be released, did Sewell consider doing so. When he did, it went straight onto the highly prestigious IBBA playlist in the UK!

"The plan for the new electric album was originally to release it in November, but owing to the continuing success of the 'Independence' album, the release had to be rescheduled to next year."

Another visit to L.A is already on the cards and is currently scheduled for either February or March 2015. There are already some really interesting possibilities for collaborations in the air with some great American Musicians and Artists!


  • The entire Independence album being licensed for inclusion in a huge Blues Collection to be released soon that includes a plethora of well known artists. “I was really excited when this possibility was first discussed and was amazed to find out that the entire album was to be included in the multi-volume set which includes many of my heroes! B.B King, Taste, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Howlin Wolf and the list just goes on. It was a huge Buzz when I saw the tracklist.
  • Five Sewell songs from a completely different project have also just been recorded in studios in France and Nashville by Brooke Nickerson for Gotham Records. One of the songs being a cover of 'Take These Chains' from Sewells' "Independence" album! “I love what Brooke and her band have done with the songs and am looking forward to the release - It's completely different to my own version and I love when I hear an artist do something different with my songs."
"America, and in particular Hollywood, has been very good to me over the past 3 years; and, not just because of the Awards. I've found the Los Angeles music fraternity to be incredibly welcoming and have really enjoyed playing in L.A with my last gig being at the Whisky A Go Go in April. I just feel a real affinity with Los Angeles and the people and it just seems to get better and better every time we visit."

Just some of the reasons Trevor Sewell loves Los Angeles. Be sure to check back for a Volume 2 from Trevor real soon!

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