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The final “Spartacus: Vengeance” trailer - See it Here!

“Spartacus: Vengeance” will premiere on STARZ Friday, January 27th at 10pm ET.

On the heels of the bloody escape from the House of Batiatus that concluded “Spartacus: Blood and Sand,” the gladiator rebellion continues and begins to strike fear into the heart of the Roman Republic in “Spartacus: Vengeance.”

Gaius Claudius Glaber and his Roman troops are sent to Capua to crush the growing band of freed slaves that Spartacus leads before it can inflict further damage.

Spartacus is presented the choice of satisfying his personal need for vengeance against the man that condemned his wife to slavery and eventual death, or making the larger sacrifices necessary to keep his  budding army from breaking apart.  

Containing all of the blood-soaked action, exotic sexuality, and villainy and heroism that has come to distinguish the series, the tale of Spartacus resumes in epic fashion.

Career First for Brad Pitt: Top Money-Making Star of 2011

GROTON, Mass., Dec. 30, 2011 -- Brad Pitt has been voted the Top Money-Making Star of 2011 in Quigley Publishing Company's 80th Annual Poll of Motion Picture Exhibitors. This is Pitt's sixth appearance in the Poll, but his first win. Exhibitors felt Pitt was responsible for more traffic to theatres than any other Hollywood star based on his performances this year in "Moneyball," "The Tree of Life" and "Happy Feet Two." (voice)

The Quigley Poll, conducted each year since 1932, is an annual survey of motion picture theatre owners and film buyers, which asks them to vote for the ten stars that they believe generated the most box-office revenue for their theatres during the year. It has been long regarded as one of the most reliable indicators of a Star's real box-office draw because the selections are made by professionals whose livelihood depends on choosing the films and actors that will bring audiences to their theatres. The Quigley Poll appears annually in Quigley Publishing Company's International Motion Picture Almanac and on our web site: Both list the results of all the Polls since Marie Dressler, Janet Gaynor and Joan Crawford took the top three places in 1932.

George Clooney placed second this year based on "The Ides of March," where he was also the Director, Producer and Co-writer and "The Descendants." Johnny Depp, last year's winner, made it to #3 this year with 2011 roles in "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" and "The Rum Diary." Depp has placed in the poll seven times as has this year's #4, Leonardo DiCaprio, who starred in "J. Edgar." Matt Damon, #5, had a very busy year with "Contagion," "The Adjustment Bureau," "Margaret" and "We Bought a Zoo."

2009's winner, Sandra Bullock, placed #6, which marks her fifth appearance in the Poll. She first placed in the survey in 1995. There were two first-timers this year, Bradley Cooper #7 and Ben Stiller #10. Bradley Cooper was in "The Hangover Part II" and Ben Stiller was in "Tower Heist." Robert Downey, Jr. was #8 on the strength of "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" and Meryl Streep was #9 as 'The Iron Lady" and is in the Top Ten for the fourth time.

Tom Cruise has not placed in the Poll since 2006 but he has been in the Top Ten 20 times since 1983, and been voted number one the most of any actor - seven times. Tom Hanks, Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds and Bing Crosby have all won five times. Clint Eastwood has been in the poll 21 times starting in 1968. Currently, Exhibitors appreciate him more as a Director that brings audiences to their theatres. John Wayne, Doris Day and Shirley Temple each finished first four times, but John Wayne was voted one of the Top Ten Money-Making Stars an astounding 25 times from 1949 to 1974.

Exhibitors were also asked to name the Stars of Tomorrow for 2011: one actor and one actress who they feel will be Top Money-Makers in the years to come. The 2011 winners are Rooney Mara who played Lisbeth Salander in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," and Jonah Hill who had a breakthrough performance in "Moneyball" and starred in "The Sitter."

Top Ten Money-Making Stars of 2011

  1. Brad Pitt
  2. George Clooney
  3. Johnny Depp
  4. Leonardo DiCaprio
  5. Matt Damon
  6. Sandra Bullock
  7. Bradley Cooper
  8. Robert Downey, Jr.
  9. Meryl Streep
  10. Ben Stiller

Stars of Tomorrow:

Rooney Mara Jonah Hill

Quigley Publishing Company was founded in 1915 and has published the International Motion Picture Almanac annually since 1930 and the International Television & Video Almanac since 1955. Historical data, analysis and all of the Top Ten Money-Making Star Polls dating back to 1932 are available in the 2011 edition of the International Motion Picture Almanac and on our web site:

SOURCE Quigley Publishing Company

Members Only Entertainment Releases Lead Single "By Any Means" for Thaddeus David

Seattle hiphop label Members Only releases the lead single for Thaddeus David's impending mixtape Maven.

SEATTLE, Oct. 29, 2011 -- Seattle hiphop label Members Only is proud to present the debut single "By Any Means" from rapper Thaddeus David, featuring Onry Ozzborn and Parker, in support of his upcoming mixtape Maven.

The Los Angeles based production crew Ski Team delivers a banging, defiant beat that perfectly compliments the message of the song as well as Thaddeus David's ambition that will allow him to succeed "By Any Means" necessary.

January 27th marks the release of Maven, a collection of solo songs Thaddeus David has made over the last two years. A mixture of production from various beat tapes, as well as original production from the Ski Team, Jester, Tele Fresco, DJ Semaj, and Kuddie Fresh, Maven was recorded, mixed and mastered by Parker at Slap Crackle Pop Studio.

Many Seattle hiphop fans probably recognize the lifelong Seattle resident through one of his many aliases, whether it is TH or Young TH in State Of the Artist, or his alter ego Thadwick Tristen Trevor III for The Adventures in a Helluvastate project, which was featured in the Vitamin Water uncapped LIVE series by The Fader.

Members Only is a hiphop label that was formed in 2009 initially as a promotions company, known for their underground parties. Since then, they have left the illegal, prohibition-style parties behind and grown into a full record label, representing State of the Artist and Hi-Life Soundsystem.

The general public can download the song from the Members Only bandcamp website at

SOURCE Members Only Entertainment

Thursday, December 29, 2011



Devil’s Due Founder & David Hatcher Childress team for Ancient Astronaut Theory Graphic Novel

Kingdom Comics Co-Founder Christian Beranek & Blaylock Announce NEW WORLD ORDER: ROBIN HOOD


Chicago, IL – Devil’s Due Publishing founder Josh Blaylock (G.I. JOE, VOLTRON, MERCY SPARX, DRAFTED) has two new projects lined up with some very exciting partners, and they are seeking creative teams!

Known for years as the “Modern Day Indiana Jones” and more recently for his appearances on the ANCIENT ALIENS television series, David Hatcher Childress spends his life visiting ancient lost cities and prehistoric megalithic sites, and proposes the theory that perhaps human civilization was once more advanced than we give it credit for (alien intervention or not). He has written many novels on the subject, all published through his Adventures Unlimited Press - which will also publish the print version of the yet-to-be-named graphic novel which he is consulting on with Blaylock.

Christian Beranek is the co-founder of Disney’s Kingdom Comics, the Web Comic Factory, and a world traveler in his own right - although to places less “lost” than Childress. Beranek is co-writing Blaylock’s dystopian sci-fi concept in which a future Robin Hood figure must rise against the oppressive neo-feudalism of a New World Order’s takeover of civilization. Publishing plans are yet to be determined.

Each project will be edited and produced through Blaylock’s newly founded DDnP Project [Devil’s Due non-Profit], a not for profit venture separate from, but dedicated to Devil’s Due’s continual efforts to repay creditors owed from its economic problems that began in late 2008, The actual publishing outlets however, will vary.

LA OPENING DAY ANNOUNCEMENT! Millennium Entertainment Presents RAMPART



Los Angeles, 1999. Officer Dave Brown (two-time Academy Award nominee Woody Harrelson) is a Vietnam vet and a Rampart Precinct cop, dedicated to doing "the people's dirty work" and asserting his own code of justice, often blurring the lines between right and wrong to maintain his action-hero state of mind. When he gets caught on tape beating a suspect, he finds himself in a personal and emotional downward spiral as the consequences of his past sins and his refusal to change his ways in light of a department-wide corruption scandal seal his fate. Brown internalizes his fear, anguish and paranoia as his world, complete with two ex-wives who are sisters, two daughters, an aging mentor dispensing bad advice, investigators galore, and a series of seemingly random women, starts making less and less sense. In the end, what is left is a human being stripped of all his pretense, machismo, chauvinism, arrogance, sexism, homophobia, racism, aggression, misanthropy; but is it enough to redeem him as a man?

Directed by Oren Moverman (The Messenger), from an original screenplay by James Ellroy (L.A. Confidential) and Moverman, the film also stars Robin Wright, Sigourney Weaver, Ice Cube, Ben Foster, Ned Beatty, Steve Buscemi, Cynthia Nixon and Anne Heche. The film is produced by Lawrence Inglee, Clark Peterson, Ben Foster and Ken Kao. Michael DeFranco serves as executive producer.

Produced by: Larence Inglee, Clark Peterson, Ben Foster and Ken Kao

Directed by: Oren Moverman

Written by: James Ellroy & Oren Moverman

Starring: Woody Harrelson, Robin Wright, Sigourney Weaver, Ice Cube, Ned Beatty, Cynthia Nixon, Anne Heche, Brie Larson

Release date: February 10th, 2011 - NY & LA

Distributor: Millennium Entertainment

Total Running Time: 107 minutes

Rating: R for pervasive language, sexual content and some violence

AM2 Announces HIlton Anaheim Official Room Block Available Now

Lowest Room Rates Available For Southern California's Most Anticipated
Animation, Music and Manga Convention in 2012
LOS ANGELES, Calif. (December 29, 2011) ­2012's most anticipated animation,
music and manga convention in Southern California, AM2 (June 15-17, 2012 at
the Anaheim Convention Center and Hotels) continues to bring savings to
attendees with the lowest rates, $205/night plus taxes, for the convention's
official hotel the Hilton Anaheim (777 Convention Way; Anaheim, CA 92802).
More information and online registration at .
The Hilton Anaheim is located within steps of the Anaheim Convention Center
and will host many activities for the convention 24 hours. Join us for one
of the best Summer events of 2012.
We cordially invite all fans, industry companies, industry members and
media representatives to join us in 2012, states Chase Wang AM2
representative.  Whether you are a casual or hard-core fan, we hope you will
joins us for this truly amazing and fun fan event filled with anime, manga,
j-rock, j-pop, cosplay and more!
Passport pricing (U.S. $) is as follows:
One (1) Day
  • Thru December 31st: $25.00
  • Thru March 31st: $25.00
  • Thru June 14th: $30.00
  • At-con Sales: $35.00
Two (2) Day
  • Thru December 31st: $30.00
  • Thru March 31st: $35.00
  • Thru June 14th: $40.00
  • At-con Sales: $45.00
Three (3) Day
  • Thru December 31st: $40.00
  • Thru March 31st: $45.00
  • Thru June 14th: $50.00
  • At-con Sales: $55.00
Entrance to the event is free, but attendees can avoid the huge lines by
obtaining a Passport fast pass for the event. The Passport fast pass will
also provide holders with premier seating options at Main Events and at
Concert events as well as major discounts with theme parks, retailers and
local restaurants. Concert events are only accessible via a purchased
Passport or concert ticket. Bypass the lines and get your Passport today
and experience the difference!
Potential exhibitors and artists interested in exhibiting at this event can
also email for additional information and rates.
AM2 current activities include Exhibit Hall, AMV¹s, Arcade, Summer Festival,
Behind the Voice Actors Studio, , Masquerade, Cosplay Chess, Dances, Fashion
Shows, Table Top, Console Gaming, Workshops, Panels, Concerts and more!
Follow us on Facebook at:
Follow us on Twitter at:
About AM2
Located in Anaheim, California ­ AM2, established in 2010, is a multi-day (3
days) 24 hour event with no general attendance/badge purchase requirement
and is aspiring to be a key meeting place for fans that share a common
interest in Asian music, Animation/Anime, and Comics/Manga. Nominal fees
are charged for certain activities that attendees choose to participate in.
AM2 will be held on June 15-17, 2012 at the Anaheim Convention Center in
sunny Anaheim, California. More information can be found at
The statements made in this press release that are not historical facts are
"forward-looking statements." These forward-looking statements are based on
current expectations and assumptions that are subject to risks and
uncertainties. The Company cautions readers of this press release that a
number of important factors could cause this event¹s actual future results
to differ materially from those expressed in any such forward-looking
statements. Such factors include, without limitation, product delays,
industry competition, rapid changes in technology and industry standards,
protection of proprietary rights, maintenance of relationships with key
personnel, vendors and third-party developers, international economic and
political conditions. The Company may change its intention, belief or
expectation, at any time and without notice, based upon any changes in such
factors, in the Company's assumptions or otherwise. The Company undertakes
no obligation to release publicly any revisions to any forward-looking
statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date hereof or to
reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events.

AnyMP4 DVD Converter - Two in One Software to Rip DVDs and Convert Video

BEIJING, Dec. 29, 2011 -- The newly released AnyMP4 DVD Converter, the two in one assistant software for DVD movie and video fans all-round the world, is becoming much more popular. With the versatile converting function and multiple editing features of this DVD Converter, users can rip DVD movies and convert video and even personalize video with just a few strokes of their fingers, letting the simple life be full of fun.

Click here for the Download
AnyMP4's DVD Converting software has the function of a DVD ripper, which can easily help users rip DVD movies to any kind of video format, such as DVDs to HD videos (HD TS, HD MTS, HD MPEG, HD MP4, HD WMV, etc.) or DVDs to general videos (VOB, MP4, AVI, MKV, RMVB, 3GP, ASF, etc.). Also, it has the ability to take out audio files from DVD movies and convert them to other popular audio formats to enjoy at will.

Also, this DVD Converter software can act as a Video Converter, which has the capability of converting all popular videos to any other mainstream video formats. For instance, users can convert MP4, MKV, WMV, AVI, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, FLV, 3GP, DivX, VOB and HD videos to any wanted video formats as well as audio formats (AAC, AC3, AIFF, MP3, M4A, MP2, WAV, WMA, etc.) with excellent converting quality.

In addition, AnyMP4's DVD Converter provides users with multiple editing features, such as video effect adjusting, trim, crop, watermark and merge, which allows users to adjust the video Bitrate, Frame Rate, Video Encoder, and Aspect Ratio; trim unwanted video clips, crop video frames to get rid of black edges, merge multiple video clips into one single file, add text/image watermark to personalize the video, and adjust output parameters to personalize.

More importantly, this two in one DVD Converter can support all mainstream portable devices, allowing users to put DVD movies and videos onto the iPad, iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Google phone and other popular player devices. With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, and AMD APP and NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology, users can finish the whole process just in a few clicks.

System Requirements
OS Supported:
Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Vista, Windows 7
800MHz Inter or AMD CPU or above
512MB RAM or more

Pricing and Availability
AnyMP4's DVD Converter is available now for $39.00.
For more information and to get a free trial version, please visit: .

Or to order, please visit: .

About AnyMP4
AnyMP4, a software producer, aims to provide the best and world-class solutions for converting Blu-ray Discs, DVDs and video/audio files. AnyMP4 is dedicated to developing the most powerful multimedia processing software for users all over the world. Our product portfolio ranges from video tools, DVD tools and Blu-ray tools, among others, on both Microsoft Windows and Apple's Mac OS X platforms. All these software products can help you easily solve almost all DVD/Blu-ray/video issues. For more details about AnyMP4, please visit:

SOURCE Harbour Software

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iPad Video Converter - The One Indispensable iPad Accessory

BEIJING, Dec. 28, 2011 -- Apple Inc has introduced the most powerful tablet computer - The iPad. However, due to the limitations of the iPad, namely that it only runs programs that are approved by Apple and are distributed via Apple's App Store, iPad users have met lots of inconvenience. Fortunately, Tipard's iPad Video Converter, the most professional video converting software for the iPad, gives iPad users an all-in-one solution to deal with this problem.

Tipard's iPad Video Converter can convert all mainstream videos to iPad and extract & convert audio from video. To ensure the best output effects, this best iPad Video Converter is endowed with rich editing functions, which enables you to trim, crop, merge and watermark video at will. Now, it also highly supports iPad 2. Multiple-language interface, multi-core CPUs processing are also built into this iPad Video Converter. And also iPad Video Converter for Mac is specially designed for Mac users.

Furthermore, iPad Software, a comprehensive iPad program, which centralizes the function and features of five superb iPad converter software products, is also available. Thus it can help users rip DVDs, convert video to iPad, transfer files from iPad to PC or from PC to iPad, create iPhone ringtone and manage iPhone SMS.

Don't delay. Download one and begin to make your iPad work beyond your imagination.

System Requirements

OS Supported:
Windows NT4/2000/2003/XP and Windows Vista, Windows 7
Hardware Requirements:
CPU: 800MHz Intel or AMD CPU, or above ; RAM: 512MB RAM or more

Price and Availability

iPad Video Converter is now priced at only $ 29.00

For more information, you can visit

SOURCE Harbour Software

Academy "Celebrates the Movies" as Poster Art Kicks Off Oscar® Campaign

Beverly Hills, CA – The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has unveiled the poster for the 84th Academy Awards®. The art features the iconic Oscar statuette alongside memorable images from eight films spanning eight decades: "Gone with the Wind" (1939), "Casablanca" (1943), "Giant" (1956), "The Sound of Music" (1965), "The Godfather" (1972), "Driving Miss Daisy" (1989), "Forrest Gump" (1994) and "Gladiator" (2000). All the films featured on the poster won the Academy Award® for Best Picture, except "Giant," for which George Stevens won the Oscar for Directing.

Supported by the tagline "Celebrate the movies in all of us," the design is meant to evoke the emotional connections we all have with the movies. "Whether it's a first date or a holiday gathering with friends or family, movies are a big part of our memory," said Academy President Tom Sherak. "The Academy Awards not only honor the excellence of these movies, but also celebrate what they mean to us as a culture and to each of us individually."

The public is encouraged to download the poster image to use as wallpaper and profile icons, and to share with friends. The image is available on the Academy's website,

The artwork was created by award-winning graphic designer Anthony Goldschmidt, and Mark and Karen Crawford of the design firm Blood&Chocolate.
Posters will be available to theaters in the U.S. and internationally, along with a theatrical trailer, which will begin screening on January 6.

The 84th Academy Awards nominations will be announced live on Tuesday, January 24, 2012, at 5:30 a.m. PST in the Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater.
Academy Awards for outstanding film achievements of 2011 will be presented on Sunday, February 26, 2012, at the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center®, and televised live at 7 p.m. EST/4 p.m. PST by the ABC Television Network. The Oscar presentation also will be televised live in more than 225 countries worldwide.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tony Bennett: Duets II, Behind the Scenes of the Legendary Singer's History-Making Number One Album, on THIRTEEN's Great Performances Friday, January 27 at 9 p.m. on PBS

Lady Gaga, John Mayer, Michael Buble, k.d. lang, Aretha Franklin, Sheryl Crow, Willie Nelson, Queen Latifah, Norah Jones, Josh Groban, Natalie Cole, Andrea Bocelli, Faith Hill, Alejandro Sanz, Carrie Underwood and Amy Winehouse join Bennett in the studio

NEW YORK, Dec. 27, 2011 -- Tony Bennett made music history with the Grammy-nominated CD Duets II when it debuted at the top of the Billboard Album charts, making Bennett the oldest vocal artist ever to achieve the number one spot. Recently nominated for three Grammys, including Best Traditional Pop Vocal, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, and Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s), the critically acclaimed album followed the 85-year-old singer's Grammy-winning 2006 Duets CD, which had, in turn, been released in honor of his 80th birthday.

Tony Bennett: Duets II , a presentation of THIRTEEN's Great Performances, features the singer's greatest hits, performed by Bennett and today's biggest stars, including John Mayer, Michael Buble, k.d. lang, Sheryl Crow, Willie Nelson, Queen Latifah, Norah Jones, Josh Groban, Faith Hill, Alejandro Sanz, Carrie Underwood and more.

The sessions, filmed to capture the magic of these performers singing with the master of the Great American Songbook, airs on Friday, January 27, 2012, at 9 p.m. on PBS (check local listings).

Great Performances is a production of THIRTEEN for WNET, one of America's most prolific and respected public media providers. For nearly 50 years, WNET has been producing and broadcasting national and local arts programming to the New York community.

The album took more than six months to record, with each track recorded face-to-face with his singer partners in studios around the world, from LA to Nashville to London. Among the many highlights is Amy Winehouse's last recorded track ("Body and Soul"), which was produced in London's famous Abbey Road Studios in March. Other tracks were recorded in New York in late July: the Richard Rodgers-Lorenz Hart classic, "The Lady Is a Tramp," with Lady Gaga, and the Alan and Marilyn Bergman classic, "How Do You Keep the Music Playing," with Aretha Franklin , and "Stranger in Paradise," with Andrea Bocelli , recorded at the singer's Italian home (see full track listing below).

The CD received kudos from all quarters. The Wall Street Journal noted that the singer was "…constantly reaffirming his position as pop music's greatest living patriarch," and Associated Press observed, "Tony Bennett is as timeless as the songs he sings on 'Duets II.'"

The musical segments are highlighted by insights on the process from the performers, making for an up-close look at one of the year's most celebrated recordings. The sessions were filmed by Oscar-winning cinematographer Dion Beebe ("Chicago," "Memoirs of a Geisha," "Collateral"), providing a personal, behind-the-scenes look at Bennett's latest collaborations and his artistic approach with each song.

Entering his seventh decade as a recording artist with more than 100 albums and 15 Grammy Awards including the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, Bennett has earned his legendary status many times over. He remains the Columbia recording artist with the greatest longevity at the label. His 2007 primetime special, "Tony Bennett: An American Classic," won seven Emmy Awards and was directed by Academy Award winner Rob Marshall.

He has performed for Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama. He also worked with and marched alongside Martin Luther King in his 1965 civil rights march and was honored with the Martin Luther King's Salute to Greatness Award.

In addition to performing, he is a visual artist as well, with three of his original paintings featured in the permanent collection at the Smithsonian, including his portraits of Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington. His humanitarian efforts are renowned, and the United Nations honored him with their Humanitarian Award in 2007.

He has published three books — his autobiography, The Good Life, and two collections of his paintings, Tony Bennett: What My Heart Has Seen and Tony Bennett in the Studio: A Life of Art and Music. Bennett founded, in association with the Department of Education in New York City, the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts — a public arts high school in his hometown of Astoria, Queens. With his wife, Susan, he established Exploring the Arts, a charitable organization that supports arts education in NYC public high schools. Exploring the Arts supports 14 public high schools throughout New York City.

In the fall of 2007, a documentary of Bennett's life and career, produced by Clint Eastwood, "Tony Bennett: The Music Never Ends," aired on THIRTEEN's American Masters on PBS.

The full song program follows:

"The Lady Is a Tramp" (Lady Gaga)
"One for My Baby (And One More for the Road)" (John Mayer)
"Body and Soul" (Amy Winehouse)
"Don't Get Around Much Anymore" (Michael Buble)
"Blue Velvet" (k.d. lang)
"How Do You Keep the Music Playing" (Aretha Franklin)
"The Girl I Love" (Sheryl Crow)
"On the Sunny Side of the Street" (Willie Nelson)
"Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)" (Queen Latifah)
"Speak Low" (Norah Jones)
"This Is All I Ask" (Josh Groban)
"Watch What Happens" (Natalie Cole)
"Stranger in Paradise" (Andrea Bocelli)
"The Way You Look Tonight" (Faith Hill)
"Yesterday I Heard the Rain" (Alejandro Sanz)
"It Had to Be You" (Carrie Underwood)

Great Performances is funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, Vivian Milstein, the LuEsther T. Mertz Charitable Trust, the Starr Foundation, the Filomen M. D'Agostino Foundation, the Philip and Janice Levin Foundation, public television viewers, and PBS.

Tony Bennett: Duets II is produced by RPM TV Productions, Inc. For Great Performances , Bill O'Donnell is series producer; David Horn is executive producer.

Visit Great Performances Online at for additional information about this and other programs.

Three Make-A-Wish® Kids Get Movie Extra Wish Experience in Filming of “We Bought a Zoo”

Wish kids treated like stars on set, acting alongside Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson

PHOENIX --Three budding young actors recently got their first big break as extras in the filming of “We Bought a Zoo” as part of their Make-A-Wish experience. Marlen, 16, from San Francisco, Charles, 12, from Markham, Illinois, and Joshua, 12, from New Caney, Texas, got the star treatment, with a personal trailer, and hair, makeup, and wardrobe support.
“The opportunity to be actors in the filming of a major motion picture was a dream come true for these wish kids and we hope just the starting point of long and illustrious Hollywood careers”
The wish kids participated in the filming of multiple scenes, which may or may not be included in the final film, and were thrilled to meet, take pictures with, and get autographs from stars of the movie Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson, as well as director Cameron Crowe, also known for directing “Jerry Maguire,” “Almost Famous,” and “Say Anything.”

All three wish kids gushed about their day on the set as “wonderful,” “fantastic” and “the best experience of my life.”

Based on a true story and adapted from a book by Benjamin Mee, “We Bought a Zoo” is about a recently widowed father, Mee, played by Damon, who moves his young family to the English countryside and purchases a dilapidated zoo of 200 exotic animals and the trials and tribulations associated with trying to rebuild the zoo, and his life. Produced by 20th Century Fox, the film is scheduled for release on December 23, 2011.
“The opportunity to be actors in the filming of a major motion picture was a dream come true for these wish kids and we hope just the starting point of long and illustrious Hollywood careers,” said David A. Williams, president and CEO of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America. “We invite filmgoers to join us in watching the movie and looking for whether they see our wish kids in any of the scenes.”

Marlen has a life-threatening autoimmune disorder, Charles has Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and Joshua has acute lymphatic leukemia.

About the Make-A-Wish Foundation
The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. Based in Phoenix, the Foundation is one of the world’s leading children’s charities, serving children in every community in the United States, its territories and in 47 countries on five continents. With the help of generous donors and more than 30,000 volunteers worldwide, the Make-A-Wish Foundation grants a wish somewhere in the world every 23 minutes. It has granted more than 280,000 wishes since its inception in 1980. Visit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America at and discover how you can share the power of a wish®.

Image Entertainment Presents Betty White: Champion for Animals

Narrated By Award-Winning Entertainer And Icon Betty White
Available On DVD March 27, 2012

CHATSWORTH, Calif. -- The animal kingdom has many heroes – from all over the world, from all walks of life. On March 27, Image Entertainment presents Betty White: Champion for Animals – an inspiring film that travels the world to observe its magnificent creatures and to meet the people who dedicate their lives to their care and preservation. Betty White: Champion for Animals, which has been approved by the Dove Foundation, is a stirring journey for the entire family, and will be available on DVD and digital download for an MSRP of $19.98. Pre-book is February 28th.

In Betty White: Champion for Animals, the Emmy®and Screen Actors Guild Award® winning actress and comedienne shares anecdotes about her own cherished pets, as well as unforgettable experiences with the organizations that make the world of animals available to all. Also featured are heroic stories of the military canine corps and the Humane Society. There, too, are journeys off the regular tourist’s beaten path to America’s national parks, world-class zoos and aquariums. It is a true story – heart-warming yet also heart-breaking – of humanity working to understand and protect the world’s precious animal populations.

The producer/director of Betty White: Champion for Animals is award-winning filmmaker Robert Kline. His most recent films have included Harley Davidson – The Spirit of America, and the highly acclaimed documentary film Ronald Reagan: An American Journey, bothfor Image. Kline is currently writing/producing The Clintons for a 2012 release.

About Image Entertainment:
Image Entertainment, Inc. is a leading independent licensee and distributor of entertainment programming in North America, with approximately 3,200 exclusive DVD titles and approximately 340 exclusive CD titles in domestic release and more than 450 programs internationally via sublicense agreements. For many of its titles, the Company has exclusive audio and broadcast rights, as well as digital download rights to over 2,100 video programs and approximately 400 audio titles containing more than 6,000 individual tracks. The Company is headquartered in Chatsworth, California. For more information about Image Entertainment, Inc., please go to or

Oscar® Nomination Ballots

Beverly Hills, CA – Nomination ballots for the 84th Academy Awards® were mailed today to the 5,783 voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Completed ballots must be returned to PricewaterhouseCoopers by 5 p.m. PT on Friday, January 13, 2012. Ballots received after the deadline will not be counted.

Nomination and final Awards ballots are tabulated by PricewaterhouseCoopers to ensure that all aspects of the balloting process are conducted with fairness and accuracy.

Prior to mailing, the PricewaterhouseCoopers staff administers a thorough verification process to ensure that there are no duplicate ballots and that none are missing. In addition to being counted and sorted, the ballots are numbered to guarantee that each one is addressed to the appropriate Academy voter.

The 84th Academy Awards nominations will be announced live on Tuesday, January 24, 2012, at 5:30 a.m. PT in the Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

Academy Awards for outstanding film achievements of 2011 will be presented on Sunday, February 26, 2012, at the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center®, and televised live by the ABC Television Network. The Oscar presentation also will be televised live in more than 225 countries worldwide.

Denise Richards Invites One Lucky Fan to Join Her for Lunch to Benefit the Kidney Cancer Association

100% of profits from sales of her new shoe to benefit the Kidney Cancer Association

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 27, 2011  -- Kick off 2012 in style with ShoeDazzle and the newest member of the fast-growing "Celebrity Shoe Design Program for Charity," actress, model and mother of three – Denise Richards. Joining forces with ShoeDazzle designers, Richards has created a light pink and gold embellished peep-toe sling back pump, with a gold metallic pin heel in honor of her mom, who passed away from kidney cancer. The shoe will be available in ShoeDazzle showrooms on January 16th. 100% of the profits from sales of her shoe will be donated to the Kidney Cancer Association (KCA), a charitable organization which helps fund, promote and collaborate with the National Cancer Institute (NCI), American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO), American Urological Association (AUA), and other institutions, on research projects.

In addition, one lucky fan will have lunch with Denise Richards. Four runners-up in this special contest will receive an iPod Shuffle. To be eligible to win the luncheon, contestants must upload a short video explaining why they want to win and must join the new ( website. Contest details are available online at

"Fashion has always been a passion of mine and I especially love shoes. What woman doesn't love a feminine, yet sexy pump in her collection? Teaming up with ShoeDazzle to help a charity I admire and a cause that is particularly dear to me because of my mother provided an amazing opportunity to combine my passions," said Richards. "I decided to name the shoe after my baby Eloise because she has been such a blessing in my life."

"It has been such a pleasure working with Denise as she helps to create awareness of kidney cancer and the need for a cure," commented the Kidney Cancer Association vice president, Carrie Konosky. "Despite being busy with her role on Spike TV's hit series, 'Blue Mountain State,' while taking care of three children, Denise has always been incredibly generous about making time to help us."

Prior to Denise's shoe release, ShoeDazzle partnered with Perez Hilton, Carson Kressley, LaLa Anthony, Jenny McCarthy, Carmen Electra, singer Mel B and actresses Kristin Cavallari, Kristen Bell and Kristin Chenoweth for the "Celebrity Shoe Design Program for Charity."

The Kidney Cancer Association (KCA) is a global charity made up of patients, family members, physicians, researchers, and other health professionals. We fund, promote, and collaborate with the National Cancer Institute (NCI), American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO), American Urological Association (AUA), and other institutions on research projects. We educate families and physicians, and serve as an advocate on behalf of patients at the state and federal levels. For more information, please visit

Monday, December 26, 2011

Lady Gaga Tops's 'Top 20 Celebs Gone Good' List; Sophia Bush Named 'Fan Favorite'

Bieber Shoots up the Rankings this Year; New Trend is Couples
PR Newswire

NEW YORK, Dec. 26, 2011 --, one of the largest U.S. organizations that helps teens take action on causes they care about, released today its fourth annual 'Top 20 Celebs Gone Good' list.

Lady Gaga continues her reign as the star who uses her celebrity to do the most good. Known for her support of gay rights, AIDS, and poverty, she focused primarily this year on bullying, even taking her thoughts to the White House in December. She also announced the creation of her own charity, the Born this Way Foundation, which aims to empower youth and lead them to a brave new society where each individual is accepted and loved as the person they were born to be.

Making a meteoric rise to number two this year is Justin Bieber , up from number 10 last year. His fast rise is due to his prolific work with Pencils of Promise, an organization that builds schools in Laos and Guatemala. Justin is also a consistent supporter of Make-A-Wish, raised funds for charity with his fragrance and holiday album, and recently distributed $100,000 to Whitney Elementary School in Las Vegas.

"There are some interesting trends from this year's list," says Aria Finger, COO of "It's dominated by young celebrities and we also see so many couples. Last year the list had its first power couple, Ashton and Demi, and this year there are a total of four couples. Doing good is definitely fun in groups."

For the first time ever,'s panel of social media and mobile experts incorporated Facebook voting to help them determine the impact of celebrities reaching an audience with their cause. The criteria stipulated giving money wasn't enough to count as creating impact; instead, a celebrity needed to take an action others could emulate, like writing articles, building houses, or founding an organization. Facebook fans voted Sophia Bush as the first 'Fan Favorite.'

The 2011 'Top 20 Celebs Gone Good' list:

1. Lady Gaga
2. Justin Bieber
3. George Clooney
4. Will & Jada Pinkett Smith
5. Leonardo DiCaprio
6. Matt Damon
7. Ellen DeGeneres
8. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
9. Dwight Howard
10. Demi Lovato
11. Shakira
12. Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore
14. Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert
15. Nick Cannon
16. Lea Michele
17. Daniel Radcliffe
18. Miley Cyrus
19. Coldplay
20. Taylor Swift

"There are a handful of other celebrities who just missed the cut-off this year," notes Finger. "We look forward to seeing what they will do in 2012." Current speculations and predictions from include:

Will Jay-Z and Beyonce, Rihanna, and Justin Timberlake each use their massive popularity and talent for social change next year? How will Zoey Dechanel use her new star power for good? We suspect Bieber's good heart will rub-off on Selena Gomez and catapult her to the list next year. With Tim Tebow being the most talked about athlete of 2011, we're excited to see how he uses his celebrity for good in the coming year.

To determine the rankings, used its research team and an expert panel, who focused on three elements: popularity, influence, and impact. The first two were calculated using each celebrity's number of Twitter followers and Facebook likes, as well as their IMDB Pro Scores, Billboard Social 50 ranking, and number of ChaCha inquiries.

For full list and celebrities' individual charitable impact, visit:

About DoSomething.orgWe love teens. They are creative, active, wired…and frustrated that our world is so messed up. harnesses that awesome energy and unleashes it on causes teens care about. Almost every week, we launch a new national campaign. The call to action is always something that has a real impact and doesn't require money, an adult, or a car. With a goal of 5 million active members by 2015, is one of the largest organizations in the U.S. for teens and social change. Join us at

About ChaChaChaCha is the leading source for free real-time information and answers. Through its unique "ask-a-smart-friend" platform, ChaCha has answered nearly 2 billion questions since launch from more than 25 million unique users per month via online (, mobile text (242-242), iPhone app, Android app, and voice ( 1-800-2- ChaCha™). ChaCha is one of the fastest growing mobile and online publishers according to Nielsen, comScore, and Quantcast. Follow ChaCha on Twitter: @ChaCha, @ChaChaMan, @ChaChaCMO.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

97 Original Scores in 2011 Oscar® Race

You all know that we at the "IN" show LOVE doing our research so that you can click away to check out all the latest news, info, and juicy tidbits; but, we have to tell the truth: This one was just way too daunting!!!

We welcome you...encourage you...beg you (: to do research the 97 Original Scores in the 2011 Oscar Race®. Post it and we'll share it. Got twitter? We'll give you a #ShoutOut (or two or three).'s the Academy's Press Release:

Beverly Hills, CA – Ninety-seven scores from eligible feature-length motion pictures are in contention for nominations in the Original Score category for the 84th Academy Awards®, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced today.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oscilloscope pushes up Theatrical Release Date for TILDA SWINTON STARRER 'WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN'

Awards momentum and STRONG oscar qualifying run built demand for the

January 13th and JANUARY 20TH release

New York, NY (December 21, 2011) - New York-based distributor Oscilloscope Laboratories announced today that the company has pushed up the New York theatrical release for the Tilda Swinton starrer WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN. Set to play at the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas and Angelika Film Center, the picture will now open in New York on Friday, January 13th, 2012 and at the Arclight Hollywood Theater in Los Angeles on Friday, January 20th, 2012.

A suspenseful and gripping psychological thriller, Lynne Ramsay's WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN explores the factious relationship between a mother and her son. Swinton, in a bracing, tour-de-force performance, plays the mother, Eva, as she contends for 15 years with the increasing malevolence of her first-born child, Kevin (Ezra Miller). Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, the film explores nature vs. nurture on a whole new level as Eva's own culpability is measured against Kevin's innate evilness.

"We had an amazing one-week qualifying run in December where the film's attendance exceeded even our highest expectations. The reviews were stellar and the word of mouth is only growing. It's an intense psychological thriller that audiences feel the need to talk about afterwards. By definition this is an ideal 'Word of Mouth' film," said David Fenkel, President of Oscilloscope Laboratories. "Theaters are excited to have a quality arthouse genre film to bring in younger audiences"

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN has already garnered several accolades and nominations this awards season, including numerous BEST ACTRESS recognitions for its lead star Tilda Swinton:

National Board of Review (WINNER - BEST ACTRESS)



European Film Awards (WINNER - BEST ACTRESS)

British Independent Film Awards (WINNER - BEST DIRECTOR)

San Francisco Film Critics (WINNER - BEST ACTRESS)

Women Film Critics Circle (WINNER - BEST FILM BY A WOMAN)

Houston Film Critics (WINNER - BEST ACTRESS)

Broadcast Film Critics Awards (NOMINEE - BEST ACTRESS)

British Independent Film Awards (NOMINEE - BEST ACTRESS)

British Independent Film Awards (NOMINEE - BEST FILM)

British Independent Film Awards (NOMINEE - BEST SCREENPLAY)

London Film Critics Circle (NOMINEE - BRITISH FILM OF THE YEAR)

London Film Critics Circle (NOMINEE - ACTRESS OF THE YEAR)


Washington DC Film Critics (NOMINEE - BEST ACTRESS)

San Diego Film Critics (NOMINEE - BEST ACTRESS)

Indiana Film Critics (NOMINEE - BEST ACTRESS)

Ricky Gervais Deals Out More Pilkington Punishment with AN IDIOT ABROAD 2: THE BUCKET LIST on SCIENCE

SILVER SPRING, Md., Dec. 21, 2011 -- This January, everyone's favorite reluctant traveler returns to the departure gate when AN IDIOT ABROAD 2: THE BUCKET LIST touches down at SCIENCE. After his tour of the Seven Wonders of the World, Karl Pilkington could be considered an international jetsetter, however, his recent global exposure has made him even more resistant to the call of the open road. Nevertheless, world-class tormentors Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant prove that one man's anguish can be another man's amusement, as they send him around the world to fulfill his Bucket List. Now Karl can only hope that his quest to accomplish the definitive list of "things to do before you die" doesn't kill him first. AN IDIOT ABROAD 2: THE BUCKET LIST premieres January 21 at 10:00 PM (ET/PT).

"I oppose all animal cruelty and unnecessary experimentation in the name of science. Thankfully Karl Pilkington is 'technically' human," said Gervais.

In the second installment of the franchise, Karl is coerced into round two of the world's most ridiculous social-experiment as Ricky and Steve use the planet as their playground - compiling the most outrageous to-do list ever concocted. Having learned from his last trip, Karl only agreed to do another series if the rules changed - so this time he could choose where he goes and what he does from the Bucket List. Even with the opportunity to pick his poison, however, each task results in an adventure in absolute absurdity. From bonding with the Amish, to diving with sharks, to taming a deadly cobra, Karl's adventures are loaded with the same unpredictable - yet hilarious - surprises from his puppet masters back in London.

"AN IDIOT ABROAD changed the game for SCIENCE when it became our highest rated series ever," said Debbie Adler Myers General Manager and Executive Vice President for SCIENCE. "Viewers come to our network for thought provoking content, so it's no surprise they became addicted to the brilliant, sharp humor made famous Ricky Gervais and company. At SCIENCE we inherently question everything, and no one asks more questions than Karl Pilkington."

Full Series Episode Descriptions Below:

Steve Jobs Statue Unveiled in Budapest

BUDAPEST, Hungary, Dec. 21, 2011 -- GRAPHISOFT, Graphisoft Park , and AIT-Budapest dedicated a statue honoring the late Steve Jobs in Budapest's Graphisoft Park today.

Commissioned by GRAPHISOFT Founder and Chairman of the Board, Gabor Bojar, the statue is the first in the world honoring the late founder of Apple, who passed away on October 5. Crafted by Hungarian sculptor Erno Toth, the life-like bronze statue stands near the entrance of architectural software maker GRAPHISOFT's Budapest headquarters.

The relationship between GRAPHISOFT and Apple can be traced to the 1980's, when Jobs came across the first version of GRAPHISOFT's ArchiCAD software at the 1984 CeBIT in Germany. His first impressions of the software led him to throw Apple's support behind the development and distribution of ArchiCAD. "Apple's support included cash and computers at a time when GRAPHISOFT was a small company with limited resources, working within the economic and political confines of what was, at the time, communist Hungary," Gabor Bojar said. Apple also introduced GRAPHISOFT to its worldwide distribution network, which remains a cornerstone of the business today. "With its attention to excellence in every detail, Graphisoft Park's environment embodies the spirit of Steve Jobs," Viktor Varkonyi, CEO of GRAPHISOFT said. "I can't think of a better place to commemorate the man and his legacy," he continued.

About GRAPHISOFTGRAPHISOFT® ignited the BIM revolution with ArchiCAD®, the industry first BIM software for architects. GRAPHISOFT continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions such as the revolutionary GRAPHISOFT BIM Server™, the world's first real-time BIM collaboration environment, and the GRAPHISOFT EcoDesigner™, the world's first fully-integrated building energy modeling application. GRAPHISOFT's innovative solutions have fundamentally changed the way architects around the world design and collaborate. GRAPHISOFT has been a part of the Nemetschek Group since its acquisition in 2007.

About Graphisoft ParkGraphisoft Park is the first science/technology park in Budapest, established by GRAPHISOFT in 1997 when looking for new premises. GRAPHISOFT believed that providing the world's best architects with the world's best software would be possible only if the company itself could operate in a first-class architectural environment. Within a few years, several other high-tech firms rented space at the Park, attracted by its unmatched location, exceptional design, and superior services. In addition to GRAPHISOFT, tenants include SAP, Microsoft, Servier, Canon, and over 40 other high-tech companies. The mission of the Park is to enable its tenants to attract the best talent with an inspiring calm and green environment, located directly on the banks of the Danube River. Graphisoft Park SE is a public European corporation listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange.

About AIT-BudapestAquincum Institute of Technology was established in 2007 by Hungarian software entrepreneur, Gabor Bojar, founder of GRAPHISOFT, to provide an exceptional study abroad experience to North American undergraduates majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. AIT's mission is to bridge the gap between academia and business. AIT's curriculum integrates design, entrepreneurship, foundational courses and advanced applications in computer science and humanities courses related to Hungary's rich cultural heritage. AIT brings together globally-acclaimed scholars, designers, and entrepreneurs to provide an inspiring academic environment.

Sundance Channel to Host Broadcast Premiere of Barefoot Wine's® Film "One Beach" on December 21

MODESTO, Calif., Dec. 21, 2011 -- On Wednesday, December 21, Sundance Channel will host the broadcast premiere of Barefoot Wine's One Beach , a film that tells the personal stories of people who are using creativity and innovation to help keep the world's beaches "barefoot friendly." Directed by renowned surf filmmaker Jason Baffa and produced by Farm League, the film profiles six passionate people who are working to help fix the global beach trash problem.

The beach enthusiasts featured in One Beach are making waves in their respective fields and their work caught Barefoot Wine's attention. They include:
  • Richard + Judith Lang (California): Artists who collect plastic from their local beach to create large sculptures, installations, photo tableaus and jewelry.
  • Kevin Cunningham (Rhode Island): RISD graduate who builds surf boards from beach trash.
  • Barbara de Vries (Bahamas): Fashion designer who makes jewelry and fashion t-shirts from found beach plastic.
  • Tim Silverwood (Australia): Environmentalist who founded the nonprofit Take 3, focused on beach health and taking the time to pick up litter.
  • Jim Moriarty (California): Avid surfer and CEO of Surfrider Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the world's oceans, waves and beaches.
Additional footage for One Beach was captured on International Surfing Day, an annual worldwide event founded by Surfrider Foundation and SURFING magazine that celebrates the sport of surfing while raising awareness through beach cleanups, paddle outs, rallies and more. Barefoot Wine was the presenting sponsor of the 2011 International Surfing Day and has been a supporter of Surfrider Foundation for more than 15 years.

One Beach debuts on Wednesday, December 21st at 9:00 PM and will replay on Saturday, December 24th at 9:30 AM, Thursday, December 29th at 10:30 PM and Saturday, December 31st at 2:30 PM on Sundance Channel (all times EST, please check local listings). To learn more about the film and the people featured, visit and join the conversation by using #onebeach.

If you can't wait, take a sneak peak by watching the video:

Barefoot's award-winning California wines are attractively priced and can be found in bottles bearing the fun, iconic footprint label. Barefoot's still wine portfolio ($7 for 750-ml bottles, $12 for 1.5-liter bottles) includes twelve unique offerings: Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, White Zinfandel, Sweet Red, Moscato, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and Zinfandel. Barefoot also offers six delicious sparkling wines: Barefoot Bubbly Brut Cuvee, Extra Dry, Pinot Grigio, Moscato Spumante, Rose Cuvee and NEW Pink Moscato. Barefoot Bubbly is the most awarded California Sparkling Wine under $20 in the US and retails for $10. For more information about Barefoot Wine & Bubbly, visit

Sundance Channel is the destination for What's Next, Now. Showcasing both today's creative icons and the emerging talent of tomorrow, Sundance Channel tells credible, authentic, and emotionally immersive stories of Invention, Fashion, Film, Travel, Design, and Enterprise. Launched in 1996 and owned and operated by AMC Networks Inc, Sundance Channel provides perspectives dedicated to founder Robert Redford's mission to celebrate creativity.

The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world's oceans, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. Founded in 1984 by a handful of visionary surfers in Malibu, California, the Surfrider Foundation now maintains over 250,000 supporters, activists and members worldwide. For more information on the Surfrider Foundation, visit

Director Jason Baffa has been involved in the arts for more than 30 years. His 2004 release "Singlefin: yellow" was described by Variety as "The Red Violin meets The Endless Summer." By late 2008, Baffa co-directed his second effort, "One California Day," a Build Worldwide production ( Baffa's recent focus has been on developing new theatrical projects and evolving Jason Baffa Films as a client-based production house. His work as director, cinematographer and editor encompasses various globetrotting projects including work for Patagonia Clothing, Ford, Bear Naked Granola, Oakley, Fox Sports and Miramax Studios. He holds a BFA in Film Production from Loyola Marymount University of Los Angeles, CA.

California and Argentine Table Wine, ©2011 Barefoot Cellars, Modesto, CA. All rights reserved.

SOURCE Barefoot Wine