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John Carvalho, an advocate for the arts, music and entertainment in the city of West Hollywood, California, has received an Artists in Music Awards Nomination during a red carpet event in Los Angeles.

August 19, 2012 -- John Carvalho, an advocate for the arts, music and entertainment in the city of West Hollywood, California, has received an Artists in Music Awards Nomination for “LGBTQ Person of the Year” this past August 9, 2012. Executive Producer of the Artists in Music Awards Mikey Jayy presented Carvalho with the nomination during a red carpet event and party at the marvelous Bugatta Restaurant & Bar, 7174 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046.

Jayy said the nomination was being presented to Carvalho for the work Carvalho has done and continues to do for LGBTQ independent artists in the city of West Hollywood, his collaboration with Al Bowman, Susanna Griffie and the Los Angeles Music Awards, and his work in the area of LGBT civil liberties, especially with regards to furthering same-sex marriage.

Carvalho has been a long-standing member of the Human Rights Campaign, the largest civil rights organization in the United States working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans. He was also a former Massachusetts Democratic Party delegate who voted for the adoption of same-sex marriage in the Massachusetts Democratic Party platform in 2005. Carvalho has advocated for civil unions and marriage equality in other states such as Rhode Island and California, and has pushed for employment nondiscrimination laws and safe school laws around the country.

“I am very honored to receive this nomination tonight from the Artists in Music Awards, and I thank Executive Producer Mikey Jayy and the organizers of AIMA. I also appreciate Mikey Jayy and the Artists in Music Awards for all that they do in helping independent artists in the music industry, especially here in Hollywood and in Southern California.”

John Carvalho first gained an interest in the independent music industry in 2010, after attending the “Local Celebrity Los Angeles” music competition that was held at the Eleven Night Club in West Hollywood. Since then he has been an advocate for the LGBT voice in the entertainment industry. In 2010, he lobbied You Tube and GLAAD to restore the pop video “Warning Signs” (Kris Searle, Ft. Darnell) to viewers on the Internet. Searle later went on to win the Los Angeles Music Award for “Best Electronic Dance” at Paramount Studios and receive a Grammy Nomination Consideration from the Recording Academy (being placed on the top 100 songs of the year alongside celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Rihanna). In the following year, Carvalho helped co-sponsor the song “Momentum” on Kris Searle’s “Dawn of Momentum” album.

In the past, in order to reward West Hollywood recording artists who were promoting a message of human rights and equality in their music, Carvalho distributed thousands of dollars in mini-grants to various performers in the city. Many of these performers went on to produce new albums, EPs, and singles, and have performed at numerous venues around the country. Some have also furthered their careers in the motion picture industry as well.

John Carvalho has been an ardent supporter of the Los Angeles Music Awards, and has attended the marquee red carpet events at Paramount Studios and Avalon. For his advocacy of the independent music world, John Carvalho was honored earlier in the year with an “Official Certificate of Appreciation” from The LAMAs and 6th Annual Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards on June 14, 2012 at the world famous Whisky A Go-Go.

The Artists In Music Awards (AIMA) promotes independent artists and was created to honor and recognize the best independent music artists from around the world in numerous musical categories. The Executive Producer, Mikey Jayy, founded the #1 ranked podcast music and talk show, “The Great Unknowns Presents.” Jayy is also the Managing Editor of “All Indie Magazine.” His latest project, launched in April 2012, KGUP 106.5FM “The Emerge Radio Networks,” is a radio station created to promote and showcase world-wide emerging independent artists.

The Artists In Music Awards has showcased various nominees this summer at the House of Blues−Voodoo Lounge and will feature another showcase on August 26. A red carpet event showcasing the 2013 Artists In Music Awards is scheduled for February at the Key Club.

For more information on the Artists in Music Awards and submissions for the awards, please go to: .

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