Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thr33 Days Dead-Finishing Funds:Thr33 Days Dead is an independent feature length zombie film being filmed/produced in Jasper/Walker County, AL

Currently 90% complete with filming as of August 31st and hope to wrap principle photography by early September 2012!

Patrick, Jeff, and Justin must escape the lake after their day of fishing is ruined when they discover there are zombies in their midst. They escape to the city only to find that it, too, is overrun with zombies. Along the way they meet the brother/sister combo of Pete and Valerie, and together they fight for their right to survive in a world that is seemingly no longer theirs.

Crowdsourcing Choice: IndieGoGo
Producing and filming an independent, low-budget feature length movie in Alabama is no small feat. However, the cast and crew working on this film are incredibly passionate about what we are doing and are not taking this movie halfheartedly. Each individual involved is making incredible sacrifices, including their own financial resources, to insure that the end result is an entertaining, quality feature length film that can be enjoyed by zombie lovers everywhere. Furthermore, we want to show the world that quality filmmaking can be achieved on a next-to-nothing budget through hard work, dedication, and passion.

Cameos already filmed for the movie include former WWE superstar Luke Gallows, former WCW wrestler Natureboy Paul Lee, George Hardy from Troll 2, and reigning Mrs. Alabama Lynn Maggio.

Funds raised will be used exclusively for post-production costs, including, but not limited to, special FX, editing, audio, submitting the film to various film festivals, travel costs associated with said film festivals, and overall promotion of the movie. Funds will not be used to pay cast and/or crew, except to help offset travel costs for necessary cast/crew to film festivals.

100% of your contribution will assist in making this movie a quality independent zombie movie that you all will enjoy!

Even if we don't reach our set goal, every single dollar is sincerely appreciated and will be an incredible help!

Each generous person who makes a donation will receive something in return.

We sincerely appreciate each and every single penny you can contribute to our project. In fact, words fall short of sentiment in expressing how grateful we truly are!

You can contribute to the campaign here: http://www.indiegogo.com/thr33days .

Even if you are not able to make a financial contribution, if you are passionate about filmmaking in general, you can still help us tremendously by promoting Thr33 Days Dead and this campaign! Any blog post, Facebook post, or Tweet about our fundraising efforts are incredibly appreciated! Be sure to use the Indiegogo share tools to get the word out about our campaign!

Lastly, be sure to check out our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/thr33days) for any further details or to track the progress of our movie!

In advance, thanks so much for any help you give us! You guys rock!

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