Friday, August 9, 2013

David Alfaro Siqueiros: Muralist For The Future! August 10th Event at MOLAA is a MUST ATTEND EVENT!

David Alfaro Siqueiros, Muralist For The Future, is as relevant today as he was during his lifetime. Widely known to be the most controversial and political of the three titans responsible for the "Mexican Mural Renaissance" (The other two being Jose Clemente Orozco and Diego Rivera.), Siqueiros was an outspoken, workers' leader.

He fought in the Mexican Revolution, battled against fascists in Spain, was wrongly imprisoned and even had a hand in the assassination attempt of Leon Trotsky! Unfortunately, those very philosophies and forms of activism have both kept Siqueiros in much controversy and far from receiving his rightful attention.

David Alfaro Siqueiros saw art in the future! As a great artist and phenomenal inventor, Siqueiros made substantial contributions to American Art. Case in point: Did you know Jackson Pollock was a David Siqueiros disciple? He was. Siqueiros discovered, by way of experimenting with pyroxilin paint, a technique he termed as "The Controlled Accident" and which is precisely the foundation of Abstract Expressionism! And, this is not even the beginning!

Siqueiros was a pioneer in the use of photography. He studied profusely until he achieved the illusion of depth. The ideas and superheroes we see today (think Disney, Marvel Comics, DC) are based on Siquerios' super proletarian heroes (as learned by his very students).  He created art for billboards with the sole intent to make "art a part of every man, woman, and child."

David Alfaro Siqueiros is an Artist whose time as come; and, considering the state of affairs that we find ourselves in, David Alfaro Siqueiros is an Artist whose time is NOW!  In fact, this Saturday, August 10, 8:00pm, there is to be an Outdoor Multimedia Presentation by Gregorio Luke held at the MOLAA.

In this, their 12th Season, the life and works of Siqueiros with be discussed in the context of who he was, what he represented, and what makes him a man for today.

The "IN" Show interviewed Gregorio Luke on both Siqueiros and MOLAA's August 10th event. Luke, an internationally renowned expert on Mexican and Latin American art and culture, is eagerly looking forward to share the nuances that made up the enigma of Siqueiros. Additionally, there is to be some exciting information disclosed regarding a newly uncovered Siqueiros piece.

Siqueiros was a man for the people. He fought against indignity, inequality and the sufferings of the working man. As Gregorio Luke shared in the interview, all are invited to attend this show dedicated to the Muralist For The Future!

If you are interested in art, politics, and life, then come to the Museum of Latin American Art this Saturday, August 10 at 8pm. It wouldn't be a show without you.


Muralist for the future
Saturday, August 10, 8:00pm
at the Museum of Latin American Art
"Murals Under The Stars"

Event Schedule
Galleries and MOLAA Store open

Doors open to event, mercado (market) and food court

Presentation begins
(All images are projected life-size on a 1,800 square foot wall!)

Event Parking
Limited parking for this event is on a first come, first served basis in the MOLAA lot.
There is also off-site parking available at Franklin Middle School on 6th and Cerritos.
Security escorts to Franklin parking lot are available upon request.

Individual Tickets
Preferred: Members $25 /Non-Members $30
General: Members$15/ Non-Members $20
Students: $10
To Purchase Tickets, Please Click Here.

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