Friday, December 13, 2013

The Cinefamily has released the lineup to their 2013 FANTASTIC ELASTIC 24-HOUR HOLIDAY TELETHON

Additional Guests Announced, Full List Below


December 14th - 15th, 1pm - 1pm


Free Admission - and Live streaming of the Fundraiser at:


Anjelica Huston, Miranda July, Bruce Dern, Jena Malone, Mike Judge, Father John Misty, Eric Wareheim, Gaslamp Killer, and more to be announced.  Join L.A.'s Eclectic Repertory Cinema For '3rd Annual Fantastic Elastic 24-Hour Holiday Variety Show'

Detailed lineup below - with additional events and guests to follow.

Monday, December 2 - Los Angeles, CA - The Cinefamily has released the lineup to their  2013 FANTASTIC ELASTIC 24-HOUR HOLIDAY TELETHON--a marathon fundraiser with 24 straight hours of special events featuring guests, interviews, live music and  comedy.  The event will be  held December 14th-15th, from 1pm to 1pm at the Silent Movie Theatre in Los Angeles’ West Hollywood, and the first lineup announcement includes appearances, Q&A's, and surprise events to be announced featuring cultural icons luminaries, including Anjelica Huston, Bruce Dern, Mike Judge, Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, Father John Misty, and Bushwick Bill.

According to Cinefamily’s Executive Director Hadrian Belove, "We didn’t think the Cinefamily should have  the usual kind of fundraiser, cause we’re not the usual kind of cinematheque. The 24 hour Telethon allows us to echo the wide range of  programming for which Cinefamily has become known, and include the many parts of Los Angeles we love. It’s about bringing all of our family together, you could say, under one big tent.  Fundraising should be fun, not a pain in the ass."

The Cinefamily's 2013 Telethon goal is to raise $500,000 to cover operating costs, new equipment purchases, and additional annual expenses.  Its approach to fundraising is unique and representative of The Cinefamily's core values; it is a celebration of creativity, quality, and contagious enthusiasm. And, it's an awesome party. Breakfast and beverages will be served 24 hours in the theatre’s Spanish patio, with DJs and live bands playing throughout the day.

Los Angeles luminaries, comedians, directors, puppeteers, musicians, animators, curators, and all manner of sundry geniuses are banding together to help Cinefamily reach 2013's fundraising goal...IndieWire dubbed previous Telethons - "The greatest celebration of cinema EVER!!!"

Last year's 2012 event was kicked off by Robert Downey Jr, who opened a time capsule left for him at the theater in 1984, and was followed by performances by Nick Offerman, Neil Hamburger, Dan Harmon and others; and events such as Jason Schwartzman eating dinner on stage during a live Q&A, director Phil Lord presenting Lego fan films, and a talk show featuring Eric Wareheim, Guy Maddin, Udo Kier, Tearist, and John Hawkes.  2012 fundraiser guests included Benicio Del Toro, Spike Jonze, Michael Cera, Stephin Merritt, and Elliott Gould.

Robert Downey Jr, guest at last year's Cinefamily Fundraiser
Cinefamily’s 3rd Annual 24 hour Variety Show Fundraiser
Confirmed Lineup (with more to come, subject to change)
1pm - 4pm
  • ROGER EBERT Tribute with STEVE JAMES, with discussion and short clips from upcoming Ebert doc LIFE ITSELF
  • ANJELICA HUSTON discussing her new memoir, A Story Lately Told

5pm - 9pm
  • Influential instrumental rock band EARTH will play live music to 70's masterpiece HERZOG’S FATA MORGANA - rare one night event!!

9pm – 1am
  • MIKE JUDGE’S found footage collection, The Judgemental Sampler
  • Surprise performances from TIM HEIDECKER & ERIC WAREHEIM
  • A Cappellaqatsi - a barbershop quartet reenacts the score from KOYAANASQATSI
  • Special event - New Years in July

1am – 4am
  • 'The Night Owl'
  • Musician/DJ GASLAMP KILLER performs to underground cult animator BRUCE BICKFORD'S stop motion film CAS'L'

5am – 11am
  • 'Good Morning Cinefamily'
  • SOURCE FAMILY Xmas - Special Event
  • CLAIRE EVANS from YACHT shows rare videos from the recently unearthed vault of Omni Magazine
  • Lunch Q&A WIth BRUCE DERN - Cinefamily will bestow it's first annual Lifetime Achievement Award to Dern
  • Programmers from SF's science museum THE EXPLORATORIUM screen films and lead an experimental workshop for KIDS

11am – 1pm 'Close'
  • Lunch Q&A WIth BRUCE DERN - Cinefamily will bestow it's first annual Lifetime Achievement Award to Dern

The Cinefamily is a member-supported 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our mission: to foster a spirit of community and a sense of discovery, while reinvigorating the movie-going experience.

About Cinefamily: With a daily line-up that is "breathtaking in its scope and ambition" (Peter Martin, Cinematical), Cinefamily is transforming the landscape of first-run arthouse and repertory cinema through distinct programming, unusual events, and vital cultural collaborations. According to L.A. Weekly, "the sheer ambition is hard to overstate…[their appearance] is a climate-altering event for Los Angeles moviegoers.” As one of Los Angeles’ premiere nonprofit cinematheques, Cinefamily fosters exceptional, weird and wonderful experiences that are unforgettable precisely because they are shared and felt with others. Cinefamily’s programs have included unprecedented full retrospectives of beloved and obscure directors and original festivals, including Animation Breakdown and Everything Is Terrible's Everything Is Festival, "a massive celebration of the most gonzo-filmed entertainment possible" (Huffington Post). The theater regularly hosts residencies (Doug Benson's Movie Interruption, Heavy Hitter Midnites, Friday Night Frights, The Academy's' The Silent Treatment) and groundbreaking first-runs of independent films, including Dogtooth, which launched to tremendous buzz and a Best Foreign Film Oscar nomination. Notable events include the L.A. premiere of Cave of Forgotten Dreams, done as a pop-up 3-D screening inside the Natural History Museum with speaker Werner Herzog and a 5000 person after-party. The theater has also hosted live cast and crew reunion events (Space Ghost, Party Down, The Adventures of Pete and Pete) and musical performances by artists including Stephin Merritt, No Age, and Tenacious D, as well as regular screenings featuring live scores to silent classics and modern marvels.
"Simply put, Cinefamily is one of our town's, and possibly the planet's, most important film collectives."
- Alysia Grey Painter, NBC Los Angeles
“Simply breathtaking in its scope and ambition”
– Peter Martin,
“Makes movie-going an event,  with mega-rare film screenings, musical performances, crazed clip compilations &  backyard barbeques.”
"the sheer ambition is hard to overstate…a climate-altering event for Los Angeles moviegoers.”
“A die-hard movie fan’s wet dream.”

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