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Opening Fri, Oct 31, 2014
New York City - Village East Cinema

Washington DC - Angelika Pop-Up / Union Market & 
Angelika Film Center / Mosaic (Fairfax, VA)

Opening Wed, Nov 5, 2014
Los Angeles - Sundance Sunset

Opening Fri, Nov 7, 2014
San Francisco - Opera Plaza

Distributor: Trinity
Directed by: Carlos Agulló and Mandy Jacobson
Produced by: Mandy Jacobson
Executive Producer: Ivor Ichikowitz and the African Oral History Archive
Written by: Stephen W. Smith (also historical consultant)
Starring: Jean-Yves Ollivier, Thabo Mbeki, Joachim Chissano, Denis Sassou Nguesso, Pik Botha, Winnie Mandela, Jorge Risquet, Chester Crocker, Mathews Phosa, Wynand Tu Toit

Running Time: 84 Minutes

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Nelson Mandela’s release was a plot for peace. A previous unknown and improbable key to Mandela’s prison cell was a mysterious French businessman dubbed “Monsieur Jacques” in classified correspond-ence. His real name was Jean-Yves Ollivier and his trade secret was trust. Now for the first time, his true story is told in the documentary thriller, PLOT FOR PEACE.

In the mid-1980s, township violence raged in South Africa and one of the Cold War’s most vicious proxy conflicts devastated Angola. It was then that a foreign commodity trader with connections to all major stakeholders in the region became the lifeline for top-secret contacts. To build trust, he organized a huge prisoners’ exchange that opened the road for Mandela’s eventual release. A year later, in 1988, South Africa’s forces and 50,000 Cuban troops began withdrawing from Angola. In John LeCarré style, the land of apartheid and the front line states came out of the Cold War long before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Within fourteen months, Mandela walked out of jail – a free man and, soon, South Africa’s first democratically elected President.

PLOT FOR PEACE features exclusive interviews with current and former heads of state – South Africa’s Thabo Mbeki, Mozambique’s Joachim Chissano, Congo’s Denis Sassou Nguesso – and numerous other protagonists, such as apartheid’s longest-serving minister of Foreign Affairs “Pik” Botha, South Africa’s icon of resistance Winnie Mandela, Fidel Castro’s “African hand” Jorge Risquet as well as Ronald Reagan’s Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Chester Crocker, the father of “constructive en-gagement” – all bearing vivid testimony. Their first-hand accounts disclose in full detail both the official and the secret dealings between the last tenants of apartheid and the Marxist regimes at South Africa’s borders and confirm the unique role that Ollivier played.

About The African Oral History Archive
The African Oral History Archive (AOHA) aims to safeguard Africa’s dynamic heritage for future genera-tions. In a global effort, over 150 interviews have been recorded, giving unprecedented access to all those who have been instrumental in shaping South Africa’s modern history. AOHA is a project of the Ichikowitz Family Foundation, founded by Ivor Ichikowitz, a South African industrialist and philanthropist. PLOT FOR PEACE is part of the Celebrating Twenty Years of Democracy initiative, a 6-part series on the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) in September 2014.

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