Friday, February 19, 2016


"An inspirational documentary about courage, the ocean, following your dreams and what it takes to become a champion of surfing giant waves."

"The film is more than a big wave surf documentary, it's a lush, global ocean odyssey, and compelling human interest story with a kick that speaks to that universal story in all of us- of overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and channeling fear into strength."

Featuring Chris Bertish. Renowned Surfer and Waterman who has surpassed many expectations and challenges to show the world true determination and courage!

WHAT: Documentary screening of Ocean Driven | Q & A with the Cast and Crew
WHERE: Wiltern Theater   3790 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010
WHEN: Thursday, March 24th 2016
TIME: Doors @ 7; Show Starts @ 8
DETAILS: $15 plus service fee for General Admission
$30 plus service fees for VIP
Tickets go on sale Friday February 19th 2016 @ 10am
Tickets available at: &

When South African Chris Bertish won the Mavericks Big Wave Invitational in 2010, he conquered the largest surf in paddle-out competition history. Now Bertish is riding an even bigger wave as the subject of an exciting and unique full-length film from Fixer Film in Cape Town, South Africa and Aurelia Productions in Santa Cruz, CA.

An internationally known – but unsponsored – big wave pioneer, Bertish will be at The Wiltern on Thursday, March 24th to speak and sign posters at an event featuring the screening of “Ocean Driven – A day that changed big wave surfing.”

“When I first realized the impact that Chris Bertish’s life makes on people, I knew it was a story that had to be told,” said the film’s producer, Santa Cruz Nadia Tarlow.  “I feel privileged to be a part of it.  Chris wants to show people that they can believe in and follow their dreams. The film’s purpose is to inspire and educate as well as to thrill viewers.”

“Ocean Driven” chronicles Bertish’s 15+year development as a fearless and highly skilled waterman. Big wave legends and ocean specialists from Jeff Clark, Carlos Burle, and Kelly Slater to Hanli Prinsloo and more, interviewed as part of the film, which features worldwide never-before-seen surfing footage from South Africa to Hawaii, Easter Island to Mexico, and of course, the record-setting 2010 Mavericks competition.

The film, which promises a far-reaching appeal to both surfers and non-surfers alike, is stacking up VIEWERS’ CHOICE, AUDIENCE and BEST FEATURE awards.

In covering Bertish and his 2010 Mavericks win for Zigzag surfing magazine, Anton Louw wrote, “He believes his means for achieving the remarkable is not special to him, but in a self-belief that lies dormant in all of us.”

One example of Bertish’s “achieving the remarkable” attitude: he won the grueling Mavericks competition using a borrowed wetsuit and surfboard because his own gear didn’t arrive after his 36-hour flight from South Africa.

Chris Bertish’s next adventure?  He plans to stand-up paddleboard across the Atlantic Ocean.

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