Monday, February 8, 2016

Sunday's Super Bowl 50 was a touchdown for Lions Gate Entertainment

Lions Gate Entertainment made Internet history in 

Super Bowl advertising!

With the release of the trailer for Gods of Egypt, entitled “War.” Lions Gate used as the landing page for the film – marking the first time that a Super Bowl advertiser used a “not-com” web ending as the landing page for their multimillion dollar ad.

Lions Gate released the ad online on February 6th, 24 hours before the game and then ran it on TV during the pregame Super Bowl coverage.  Gods of Egypt, which stars Gerard Butler and is directed by Alex Proyas, will come to theaters at the end of the month. Lions Gate is the first movie studio to find value in the extension .movie. They first released “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2” in 2015 and featured within its first trailer.

Jeff Davidoff, CMO of the owner and operator of .MOVIE, Donuts, Inc. can discuss how these unique, memorable, and relatively new “not-com” URLS are being utilized in TV spots to strengthen conversions to corresponding digital campaigns. The company owns and operate over 200 “not-com” domains, the most of any one registry.

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