Sunday, November 17, 2013

Veteran Movie Villain Tapped To Produce, Direct and Star in Ultimate Evil Envisioned If Nazis Won Film

LOS ANGELES, November 14, 2013 -- Patrick Kilpatrick, internationally known as one of America’s finest character and action actors, in tandem with his company Uncommon Dialogue Films, Inc. (UDF) has been chosen to produce and direct the upcoming historical envisioning film Gleichschaltung, a Nazi term meaning “coordination”. The film is set in an alternative version of contemporary America that examines the social and emotional issues present had Germany won the war.

Project is now a joint venture, initiated by Masch Productions (Jeff Schneider and Abel Martinez, Jr.) out of Salem, OR, with UDF. Besides helming duties, Kilpatrick will also star as lead 4th Reich über enforcer of the imagined social architecture.

“We feel Kilpatrick represents a unique talent, one that embodies not simply the 125 plus films and television shows as a lead actor and the relationships that spring from that experience, but a producer/director and script creator of extraordinary acumen. The guy’s background and depth is amazing. His company UDF, services every aspect from idea inception to global distribution and revenue stream capitalization,” offered Schneider, CEO of Masch Productions and co-writer with Martinez of Gleichschaltung.

“Let’s face it, he’s arguably the best, coolest, kick ass hard ass actor of his generation,” quipped Martinez. “He scared the hell out of me at every stage of my youth, definitely a major part of the nightmare landscape and he keeps doing it! I consider him the Lee Marvin of the 21st century.”

“Despite being busy with UDF and acting, I found Masch’s background in circus production particularly telling and the ideas embodied in the script so compelling, I am extremely gratified to jump in,” said Kilpatrick. “UDF is always pleased to help other gifted filmmakers realize their dreams.”

Kilpatrick went further. “We like projects and media that are conceptually cutting edge, broad audience, laced with action and dynamic human values. UDF is completely devoted to leading a worldwide audience to brilliantly arresting stories and dramatic realms never before visited. If we can do that in win – win integrity based collaborations all the better.”

Additionally, UDF is poised to launch “Active Shooter, “Kilpatrick’s directorial debut, currently in post-production with a highly produced social media launch -- joint contact points on the web and via Indiegogo crowd funding.”

“In the immediate we want to be purveyors of the most skillfully produced, arresting campaigns and film offerings in the recent history of crowd funding while leveraging our deep Hollywood talent, production and traditional distribution bench, utilizing all the mainstay global cinematic infrastructure. We are dedicated to carrying the filmic communiqué of “Active Shooter” and “Gleichschaltung” to a vast global audience.”

Kilpatrick is repped by Guy Kochlani of Across The Board Talent Agency.

For further information contact Uncommon Dialogue Films, Inc.

Patrick Kilpatrick
CEO/Founder Uncommon Dialogue Films, Inc.
& Hollywood International Film Fund
570 N. Rossmore Ave. Suite 203
Los Angeles, CA. 90004


Talent Representation: Across The Board Talent Agency
Guy Kochlani- Los Angeles
Jackie Ionin- New York

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