Friday, December 14, 2012


This project is the sequel of Assassin's creed Artefact I


Abarai D. Furedo has created a project set around the ASSASSIN'S CREED universe, a video game developed by UBISOFT. There was so much craze about the franchise that we made a first episode called ARTEFACT.

This short film was based on the assassin's creed story. It brought some revelations about the artifact of Yonaguni. Yonaguni was briefly evoked in the first episode of Assassin's creed.

It was a zero budget short film made by a fan and for the fans of Assassin's creed. The main purpose was to go deeper in the details or clues left in the game. We always stuck to the logic and style of the storyline. Even if we had our own story, it remained consistent with the main plot.

At first, ARTEFACT was just a bet between friends. "[We] bet that [we] could gather inexperienced people, with no stage combat skills, no acting skills, around the camera and make a rather decent short film."

Although the short was an amateur endeavor, the team was encouraged by the cybernauts through their various heartening messages; and, the team decided to move forward with ARTEFACT II! (Ubisoft also congratulated them and published the short film on their Facebook page. Check out ARTEFACT here):

The ultimate trailer that was made was done with no professional equipment since there was no access to that level of equipment until December.

The team has now set forth to produce a very demanding sequel which will be on a totally different level using professional equipment! They're plans include using Martial artists, free runners and tailor made costumes!

"We are bringing ARTEFACT to a higher level! We want to gather all the fan community around this project." The team wants the fans to know that, "ARTEFACT II will be your movie! Only you can help achieve it!"
This is where you, the fans and friends of fans step in! The team is sharing their project, ASSASSIN'S CREED ARTEFACT II, with fans everywhere through IndieGoGo's crowd-sourcing site here:

Here's a sampling of what they need and what YOU get:

"This project is lead by fans uniting to offer the quality Assassin's Creed deserves! We are driven by passion and we would like to share this passion! Everyone in the cast and crew is volunteering their time and expertise, but we still need a small budget to cover some production costs such as: costume fabrication, stunts equipment, filming and recording equipment, props, food on set, and fuel."

"We would need a budget amounting to 5000 dollars. We are offering interesting awards according to the donation. Prizes go from being featured in the credits to being featured as a co producer. You can also be rewarded with dowloadable contents such as: original concepts and illustrations, a DVD version of the short film. You can also appear in the 10 most wanted assassins list... a list that appears in the movie!! Check out all the rewards detailed in the column on the right."

Characters have been casted, storyboarding and character design have been completed as well. Locations are being scouted.

They have even secured Hollywood Actor, Cas Anvar (Altair's Voice), to join them in being a part of their team!

You can help directly by donating, contributing social media time, or finding any way that works for you to just spread the word. Like Foued says on the campaign page, "There is no small donation! Every dollar counts and helps us reach our goal! EVERY SINGLE ACT HELPS! MAKE THIS PROJECT A REALITY! MAKE IT YOURS!"

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