Monday, December 17, 2012

Steven Dunning wants to know:

"Are You Ready For Hollywood?"

Steven Dunning is a Director, Writer, and Producer of Domestic and International films, television, music and online products. His forte? Handling management of large creative teams, budgets, diverse projects with specific goals and solutions from concept to public acceptance through all current media and distribution channels.

Steven was raised in a small farming community of rural Pennsylvania. His strong work ethic and individual dreams pushed him to tell stories for the masses that could inspire the individual in us all. Leaving everything behind he came to Los Angeles -alone - years ago. Going door to door in the Entertainment Capital of the world, he worked endlessly with no pay and proved his desire. This led to paid work, but still at the very bottom of the ladder. Determination and a clear goal kept him climbing over the bumps along the way. Production Assistant, Production Coordinator, Production Manager, Director of Photography, Post-Production Supervisor, Associate Producer, Writer, Producer, Director: This was the path taken over the years.

Having previously worked for Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment inside of Universal Studios, Steven's weekly delivery to NBC of prime time shows strengthened his production and post-production expertise. He has worked in multiple production roles over the years with the following: Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Wayfarer Studios NYC, Amblin Entertainment, HBO, NBC, PBS, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Nike, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, General Motors, Levi-Strauss, American Red Cross, BMW, McDonald’s, AT&T, and many more. He has also worked with such entertainment icons as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Metallica, George Burns, Boyz to Men, Mariah Carey, Silk and others.

Along with continuing feature film projects, international co-productions and broadcasts, Dunning's past work was at Playtone, for Tom Hanks, on domestic projects like the Emmy Award winning HBO series “From the Earth to the Moon,” and for Twentieth Century Fox with Chris Carter at 1013 Productions. Also, his working at HBO overseeing the syndication projects for “Sex and the City”, “Sopranos” and “Arliss” while additionally combining his music and film work producing creative show elements for Lionel Richie’s European tour.

Using his wealth of knowledge, experience and mettle, Steven Dunning presented his question, "Are You Ready For Hollywood," at the GI FilmFest Hollywood.

Hollywood and Music Insider
While at Darque Pictures, Steven Dunning wrote, produced and directed the multi award-winning feature “Now Chinatown” which traveled and scored on the world festival circuit and now resides at Blockbuster, Netflix, Barnes and Noble and all other major retailers. Voted Top Ten dvd of the year by with Lord of the Rings, Monsters Inc., Beauty and the Beast, Amelie, Reservoir Dogs and E.T.. With excellent reviews from The Los Angeles Times and four-star reviews from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Steven was happy to screen it for the Golden Globe members in a private setting garnering four-star reviews.

Steven augmented his stable when he added a record label releasing “The Next Santana”- Cesar. Cesar has performed all through Europe as a solo artist. He also performed with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Frank Sinatra, Al Dimeola, recorded with producer Bebu Silvetti (Luis Miguel, Placido Domingo), and currently meeting with Andrea Bocelli and The Gipsy Kings for performing services. Dunning’s relationship with the USO and Armed Forces Entertainment has already netted tours for his artist Cesar, including Iraq and the Middle East, from where Steven returned from a month of shooting reality programming.

Improving the Lives of Others
Steven Dunning has agreed to open a joint-venture with Beijing (Peking) University for a film/television/music college for the oldest and most prestigious university in the one billion plus emerging market. The school in China is set to include a separate commercial entity for producing and promoting foreign film/television/music productions.

Additionally, Dunning is frequently invited as a special guest lecturer at American and International universities such as The Beijing Film Academy, Florida Pacific University, California State University, Cal Poly, amongst others. He serves on the Cal Poly (California State Polytechnic University) Advisory Board for their new entertainment business, law and marketing degree program and holds the honor of being a proctor at Harvard University.

Steven Dunning also founded the “The Greater Good Award” to recognize those who sacrifice themselves in order to benefit many more around them.

Currently at NBCUniversal, Steven Dunning continues his work in final delivery of finished products, both feature film and television.

Former National Co-lead of the NBCUniversal Veterans Network, he has worked with and continues to support myriad charitable organizations, the Pentagon and White House. As an original core member of the high profile Got Your Six campaign, supported by luminaries Tom Hanks, Michael Douglas, Jay Leno, Jessica Chastain, etc., in and outside of work he aims to help all Veterans and family members by bringing awareness and solutions to these issues nationwide: .

The Got Your 6 Campaign is creating a new conversation in America where Veterans and Military Families are perceived as leaders and civic assets. Dunning's work with the Got Your 6 Campaign has been honored by the Army.  He was one of five who were given the Outstanding Civilian Service Award Medal* as presented by Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond T. Odierno.
Steven shared, "I grew up around Valley Forge, and as a kid I always would think of the sacrifice members of the military have endured over the years so all of us can live free lives. This award is such an honor. If there is one thing I would like to tell every American, if I could, it would be to take time and honor the military members and their families for all that they do for us."
*The Army Outstanding Civilian Service Award Medal is the third highest honor within the Department of the Army civilian awards scheme and is presented to civilians for service that makes a substantial contribution to the Army and its Soldiers.

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