Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Elegant Oscars Party At Magic Castle Pleases Celebrities And Fans Alike

Untitled The Academy Awards are undoubtedly the culmination of awards season in Hollywood every year.  After the Golden Globes, the Grammys, and the plethora of other shows that honor those in the entertainment industry, the Oscars are seen as the last grand, exciting night for a red carpet extravaganza.  Maybe it’s because the movies are like the opera in that every art form comes to life in a single masterpiece.  Movies include everything, and so we save the best for last perhaps.  Or maybe it’s because people all over the world are eagerly waiting to see what their favorite actresses are going to wear with the vain hope that they will one day buy one of those expensive dresses for themselves.  Or maybe it’s because everyone is dying to determine just how bad the new Oscar host will flop no matter how hard he or she tries.  After all, everyone realizes that only Billy Crystal can pull this one off.  Right?

Well, regardless of what the many great expectations for the Oscars may be, one thing is for sure: EVERYONE needs a PLACE TO BE on Academy Awards night, and we don’t mean the traffic!  Such being the case, every year thousands of stars, fans and even media personnel are scrambling to find an ideal location to watch the show, get those nice photos, gain a little publicity for themselves or that upcoming project, or just have a good time.  Oscar parties in Hollywood could be exciting and crowded with celebrities or just an intimate gathering. Unfortunately, somebody needs to get those reservations for the more impressive parties, and getting a ticket is not always easy.  Stars and fans alike have to spend some serious time thinking about what ideal party they should be attending.  Inside the Dolby Theater?  Outside it? Elton John AIDS Benefit? Vanity Fair?  Beverly Hills Hotel?  Decisions, decisions…enough to sometimes drive one just as batty as navigating the many street closures plaguing the city.

Untitled Luckily, one group of entertainment industry professionals and movie enthusiasts have it all worked out - reserving the perfect spot for Oscar night.  Every year, right across the street from the historic Kodak Theater (now the Dolby), they gather at The World Famous Magic Castle to watch the celebration LIVE on plasma screen televisions at the Castle’s Annual Oscars Viewing Party, a tribute to the Academy Awards and a reward for the Castle's many members.  The elegant evening features a media covered red carpet, endless buffet dinner, viewing party of the Oscars, raffle prizes, giveaways, and, once the Oscars are over, the opportunity to travel upstairs in the venue and watch captivating magic shows well into the night.  Ever see "The Prestige" starring Michael Caine, Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman? Well, over at the Castle, they do it "for real."

Untitled And this year was no different.  A crowd of celebrities gathered at the entrance to this year’s event, including Los Angeles Music Awards and Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards Founder Al Bowman, who congratulated the establishment for hosting a great party on Oscar night, as well as hosts Ben Roman and John Carvalho.  Each year, Carvalho, an advocate for the arts, music and entertainment in West Hollywood, collaborates with Latin recording artist Roman to invite music industry leaders such as Bowman, independent filmmakers, and Castle members to the Oscars Viewing Party.  Among those on the guest list over the years have included West Hollywood celebrities such as the multi-talented author, model and civil rights activist Ben Patrick Johnson, comedienne Shawn Pelofsky, Go Gay Today Executives Mike Westman and Ernesto Higuera, and the Grammy considered pop recording artist Kris Searle.  Some of the hottest "Andrew Christian" beauty boys have also attended in the past (fully clothed of course. The Castle has a strict dress code).  Other attendees have included the Honorary Mayor of Beverly Hills David Harrison Levi, the Peoples' Mayor of Hollywood Tony Boldi, actor/producer Tom Tangen, movie director Michael Donahue, stuntman Raynald La Rochelle, photographer Raul Esparza III, Inspire U Records President Rich Williams, and jazz artist Tom Slack.  This year, actor Said Faraj, actress Marlenne Castaneda, model Lucy Serrano, and recording artist Willie Ames were among those in attendance.

Untitled "I think this year's party has been an exciting one for us because we have had so many accomplishments from our guests.  In fact, one of our films has qualified for the Oscars," says Carvalho, referring to Suniil Sadarangani's short film "In Transit" (2011; Hanuman Media and Powersource Productions).  Aside from its Academy Awards qualification, "In Transit" was an "official selection" at the Palm Springs Film Festival and won 3 Angelino Film Awards, including Best Short Film, after having been nominated in 5 categories.  Sadarangani could not attend the event because he was in France filming his new short "Blind."  However, movie producer Mike Quiroga, actor Jimmy Dux, and publicists Favi Jaime and Carlos Rojas were in attendance.  Quiroga, Dux, and Fernando Gonzales of Sky Pictures collaborated with John Carvalho to submit Sadarangani’s film to the Oscars last August. Jaime and Rojas have been involved in the film’s publicity.

Among the other accomplishments was from actor and Guinness Book of World Records holder Bill Blair, who starred in this year’s Best Picture "Argo."  Blair has played more special effect make-up characters in a career than any other professional in the entertainment industry, such as a number of the Star Trek shows on TV.  It wasn’t clear if he would show up to the Magic Castle as himself or an alien from another planet that would scare security into letting him into the venue without needing to validate parking.  As it turns out he was dressed “human” - in the perfect suit for red carpet photos standing not next to a Klingon, but rather the charming Meli Alexander.  (Though it’s true he dawned a “Star Trek lapel” for show).

Gracing the red carpet this year were also Mikey Jayy, Executive Producer of the Artists in Music Awards and Hollywood actor and events promoter Nic Creznic.  Jayy and Creznic have just come off their successful Artists in Music Awards at the Key Club on Sunset that was the talk of the town right before the Grammys.  It is believed that the Magic Castle Oscars Party every year helps a number of recording artists collaborate on movie projects with film producers.

In fact, Ben Roman himself is one of those recording artists.  His songs, both originals and covers, have been a hit on MySpace and the World Wide Web and have been featured on original motion picture soundtracks.  Roman is also an experienced stage entertainer, having giving excellent performances at both Long Beach Pride, CSW LA Pride, and around Southern California.  Roman’s work has appeared on daytime television, reality TV programming, Bravo, A&E, and The Disney Channel.  In 2012, he debuted his first English album "Ben Roman" that is available on iTunes.  He is presently working on additional music and videos.  For more on Ben Roman’s music visit: http://www.benromanonline.com/ .

The elegant Oscars Party at the Magic Castle is expected to continue in upcoming years, pleasing stars and fans alike.


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