Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"The Flag" - A True American, Patriotic Story - Needs Your Help

"The Flag" is a fictionalized, true story that is as entertaining as it is educational!

Drawing from the experiences, viewpoints and narratives of different Veterans, "The Flag" bears witness to "why our Flag means so much to them."

Whatever your stance on war is, it should not be a factor on whether or not you respect those who have chosen to defend our country as soldiers. Our soldiers are our line of protection. Protection of our rights, our freedoms, and our heritage.

You owe it to yourself to learn more about "The Flag." What is the true meaning of the thirteen folds of our American Flag? What is the origin of the twenty-one gun salute? Why the twenty-one steps by the Honor Guard at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier? "The Flag" answers these questions and affords much more.

The "IN" Show had the honor of being on the set for some of the filming for "The Flag" and had the opportunity to interview many of the individuals involved (please see listing below). Their heart, passion, and drive is tangible.

Please, learn more and visit "The Flag" online and share with others. Like any well-done production, "The Flag" takes a lot of time, money and resources to be made and they are looking for donations to complete this film.

80% of the cast and crew of this project are veterans and the money earned from the DVD will be donated to various Veterans Support Groups.

So, please spread the word, share with others, and honor a Veteran by showing your support. You'll be glad you did.

J. Kristopher

Alex Gilfiley

James Peak

Ricky Ryba

Lidiya Korotka

Arsenio Alvarez

Kevin Allen

Charles E. Rayborn III

Ralph Frugone

Christopher Cardoza

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